Monday, July 30, 2012

Clearly, some people grow potatoes in the ear canals...

And then at the same time, I guess I could now refer to "him" as MrPotatoHead.   Which of course, sets my mind on overdrive of ..... How to harvest ??  I guess I never really thought about it?   Maybe a call to RotoRooter...or something.   or a big ol' combine machine?  or an old fashioned shovel?   Nevermind. My ADHD is even getting on MY nerves today.  Better than the anxiety quota which seems to have been met.  But I digress, let me get to my original point.

My newest Facebook status:   
                              Let's try  " I Knew This Shit Was Gonna Happen" for $500 please.                   

Why, whoever could this be in reference to?? *insert blank staring smiley here*
Was I in the same court room as this person??  Did we hear the same words??  Did we come to create concrete, conclusive statements that were mutually agreed upon in a court-of-law?   Well, I know that where *I* was that day, these things happened.   Things were agreed upon - they were 'okayed' - they were written up as such.

So, now, what the hell makes these things INVISIBLE???   "oh, well, I don't have that in writing yet."   Oh effin' really? SERIOUSLY?????? Oh, because you don't KNOW what was said that day?? these "papers" that you're waiting for -- they are going to say something DIFFERENT THAN WHAT WE HEARD THAT DAY?   They will have different instructions?   Different guidelines? Different INFORMATION????

No. they're not different. They will have the same fucking information that we both heard and agreed upon.   They will. I know they will.  AND, you KNOW THEY WILL TOO.  You KNOW that I'm right and that is what makes you even more batshitcrazy.

You're welcome.
Rant done.
Evil purged.

You're welcome, again.


  1. OMg! Bravo and well said. Time to move on with purpose my friend.

  2. Oh April! Rant away...sounds like you are in the home stretch!