Sunday, July 29, 2012

Congrats - socially Awkward much?

Thanks to social networks (ie Facebook), people can stay in touch, find each other after a long period of incommunicado, meet new friends...etc.    I get this.  I participate in it.  I found many people from childhood or even high school time frame that I otherwise may not have had contact with.  I like an extent.

Now, enter the psychological condition of social anxiety.  As in, I want to run screaming and hide and not be found...only if you run from social gatherings, people tend to notice (point, giggle, laugh and snort, or, you know, whatever).

So, I had my "2nd-April-Is-Moving-So-We-Gather" thing last night.  I was finally nagged enough by a friend to make an "event" on Facebook for this.  When did I make it?  Yep...lots of notice (haha), SO VERY MUCH notice --- I made the event the night before.  *insert WTF face here*   Then, to finish it off like a layer of fluffy whipped topping, I didn't figure out until an hour before I was supposed to be leaving the house, that technology had been elusive to me once again ----and I had only invited 7 people (including MYSELF).   Freudian slip?? 

Fast forward a little...
I get there, and can't walk in by myself. (yes, seriously)
I shoot a text to a friend (same one that nagged for the event to be publicly named).
Then I proceed to wait outside until aforementioned friend arrives...13minutes later.
Are you shaking your head at me yet?   (Well, *I* am shaking my head at me as I type this, and I already knew)

In the end, YES I ended up having a good time.  And due to the due-diligence of my "planning" I had four friends show. I am very glad that they did - so very glad.  It was nice to know, that even through my own jacked-up-to-the-very-much-degree planning (or Freudian LACK thereof)...that I have people that know me well enough to have shown up anyway.

And through conversation, it was said that with a "new last name" like mine - I should live in a castle.   So, my newest drama to unfold -- WHERE IS MY CROWN, STEVE??


  1. bwahahahaha you're such a goofy. and giddy goof. Love your blog's new look. I'm expecting really great things now. So glad a good time was had by all.

  2. I think that carefully selecting things to be playfully dramatic about will be a welcome and refreshing change to what my norm used to be LOL