Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Got the families...check
Got the love...check
Got the ceremony..check.
Got the kids...check.
Got the lawyer bill...??what??

What indeed.   I guess it's just one of the zillion things I'll learn from.   I can pass along the information to whomever asks for advice.  Seriously.  I could write a novel...well, a short story really.   Or maybe make a booklet.  "when you're just being stupid and when you need to run", it's like an advice column, such a helper I am. 
And the really crazy thing?  My situation and custody issues weren't even the worst that I have heard of.  I thought they were bad enough - definitely bad enough for me. And definitely anything that the kids had to be involved with was too much in my mom-opinion.  People can be nasty and people can be evil.   Some for "good" reasons I guess - (I had to come up with a 'for example') --- for example, if someone is doing ugly/evil things, it's totally okay to let them know that it won't continue as long as you are on watch.  I'm okay with that.   I don't, however, agree - nor do I practice - being evil and nasty just to BE evil and nasty.   I believe that there is bad karma associated with that kind of behavior. 

So now that the "worst" is over, we go to the next phase.  Which is the to-be-moving phase.  We will be with the other half of our now blended family.  

It's about time!!  I know that's where my heart has been for a while.  Soon I will be able to say, "Peace at last" and actually be living it.  Me, my man, and our chickens.  And if that gives an idea of the kind of upheaval our lives have been for so long (at least mine and my kids)...the fact that I am overjoyed at the thought of sharing a house and doubling the is my idea of chaotic bliss.


  1. My gram would've had a saying for this but damn if I remember what it is..hate CRS. It was a good one too. You my dear shall soon be "settled". It's funny I'll have been "settled" for almost 15 years (Dec) now and it went by in a snap. A most excellent snap. I predict yours will too...

    1. I believe you're right. I'll use ChickenBoy turning 15 as my marker :| Seems like just yesterday he was screaming his head off ... oh, it probably was. nevermind ;)

  2. Sending lots of prayers and wishes for tons and tons of new family happiness ... you totally deserve it girlie. Live it up ... we only get one shot at this life and you're obligated to make a good go of it.