Saturday, May 3, 2014

Days 19-30 this is a looooooooong one, picture heavy ;)

Keep it rolling!!!

DAY 19::::::::::::::::::: a VB Lazy Day :)
 DAY 20::::::::::::::::::: Happy Easter!
 DAY 21:::::::::::::::::Friggin stalker bird knocking on the bathroom window.  every. single. day.
DAY 22::::::::::::::  I just don't know.  
 Day 23::::::::::::::::::  Car stick figures - are they prostitutes? zombies? you be the judge.    and another truck, with a skeleton attached to the front.  Why?  I have no idea.  But to see  both of these things in the same day?  Very entertaining.
 Day 24:::::::::::: Googly eyes only.  Just because I could ;)
Day 25:::::::::::::::::  No, that is not an incorrect number.  300+.  Yes, it was just as ridiculous as you can imagine that it was.   Incidentally, I LOVE the chalk marker -- friggin awesome.
 Day 26::::::::::::::::  By the way, the total for this day (cell phone only) was 176.  No, I'm not exaggerating.
 DAY 27:::::::::::::::::::::::  I was actually LOVING the white pen on the black painted chipboard pages.  LOVE THEM...
 DAY 28::::::::::::::::::::::  um....201 total this day.  But I was busy on this aspect.  Sure was.  So there.
 Day 29::::::::::::::::  WOOHOO the spring band concert for the younger two chickens!
 and a pocket for the program
 DAY 30::::::::::::::: sleepy and old...and snore-y  LOL

This has been an AWESOME ride this year ----- UP NEXT...I'll post the covers (back/front) because those are always my favorites and usually done after everything else is complete.

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  1. LOVE THIS. You should do mine. I could do it and just make stuff up. Who'd know?