Sunday, May 4, 2014

A3C Journal 2014....before and after

So, this year my April's April Artistic Challenge Journal (2014) was different than the previous.   
I started with this:  a mash up of a few different chipboard mini albums randomly spaced...

Add some acrylic paint, massive amounts of mist, date stamps and washi tapes (for continuity, if you can believe it)...

Front Cover!  
 "Overview"  oh - come on, that was funny...
 The last page, aka "mini exit interview"
 Back cover -- yes, more (a lot) mist and using the "a" chipboard as a stencil

I was so excited about this year's A3C.  The materials I started with were nearly literally like a blank canvas.   I got to use a lot of different supplies that I haven't had out to play with in a long time, that in itself is extremely exciting.

But the outcome of this is amazing from my perspective.   Thanks so much for being a part of this year's A3C journey with me!    Can't wait for next year!!!

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  1. Very very cool. Love the idea about the A on the back.