Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Another April/Lynn Challenge for each other? Say it isn't so...

So, a couple of weeks ago amidst my A3C madness  (believe it or not), Lynn and I were challenging each other a bit, trying to antagonize the mojo to create greatness.  OR to amuse each other and try to play around with papers.  Found an idea that we scraplifted from (yet another) ScrapbookSoupTV episode about sketches (and twists on sketches) with Kelly Purkey.  Each of our layouts looked different, yet somewhat similar. Loved that episode, but also loved what I ended up with!

One really cool thing that I did though -- the round "hole saver" stickers? they were white until I attacked them with multiple Sharpies.   *sigh* love how they turned out too.  and her face just makes me giggle.

1 comment:

  1. bwahahahaha Love a good challenge! We needto do it again. I can pivot on my good foot.