Tuesday, February 12, 2013

so I moved, you know, and I'm blaming this whole scenario on that fact

Well, to clarify - I moved MONTHS ago.  Like, what feels like a lot of months ago.   It feels like a really long time ago, because about a year ago (almost exactly? or maybe exactly 11 months ago).  

Let me start somewhere near a begginning...the Chickens and I were in our own townhouse.  Now, the owner of that place was raising the rent (April said, uh...NO THANKS), and so we moved right next door to make my parents miserable in a small space share love and joy of togetherness for six months before *crossing fingers* moving out of state.   (there was much-to-do in that six month span, involving court yaddayaddayadda/blahblahblah lawyers costing the same amount as a vital internal-organ on Craig's List).    HOWEVER, there were certain things that I moved out of state early.   Boxes of holiday decor that wouldn't be used. And, you know, that weird stuff in the kitchen cabinets that you have, don't necessarily use often, but if you DON'T have it when you need it -  then you're kind of pissed that you got rid of it (does this sound familiar to ANYONE else??).  Linens, etc...you know, stuff that I wouldn't need until much later. 

Now, fast forward past court dates/lawyer trauma  fun time, moving trucks, hyperventilating, panic attacks and all that other amazing MOVING A HOUSE related stuff.  Tons of things have been unpacked, integrated with what was already here (keep/toss/donate) --- but certain things haven't been completed.   I haven't finished organizing my scrapbooking space (which is in what probably should be a proper "sitting" room/living room scenario, but it's got my crap, a TV, a non-working piano and a couch...so it's pretty much "that crap room").  It'll get done - I'm not rushing - we have to get rid of non-working piano and get a shelving/bookcase (Ikea trip) and since I can't really get the shelf/bookcase in until AFTER the piano is gone (and the weather is too wintery to get this done...).....it's waiting in it's holding pattern.    If I take that room out of my scenario of "done" - then things aren't really but so bad.  Until I feel the need to "locate _____ that I haven't seen in a while", and then the wild goose chase begins.

SO last night at random today, I thought to myself, "you know, we have this set of three books in The Lightning Thief" series...it's in one of these boxes somewhere".     And being that the youngest boy chicken just turned 12 and the younger girl chicken is 10, I figured that finding the set would be beneficial to both of them.   Literate children that they are, I had a feeling that they would appreciate this.  Therefore, OCD/ADHD have a discussion and decide  I then decided to start the Wild Goose Chase game.  

I looked in six boxes in the basement where my books are.   Ummmm...nope.  Not in there.  
I then looked in two boxes in TheCrapRoom where I thought that they might be, well, because there were scrapbook albums in there and well, maybe just maybe I had placed them in there.  Ummm...no.
I then found two other books that I wanted to be mated with their pals that have actually made it OUT of boxes and are in the family room.  Cool.  Score.   Uhhh....not what I was looking for.

SO.  After going to the grocery store, because it was a necessary thing and besides the store is - the pit of hell itself and satan is the cashier my favorite place to spend time -- and putting everything away, I decided to keep up the search. 

I found my four matching frames for the 4Chickens' school pictures. I cleaned them, wiped down the glass and set them on the table for installation.   OH THAT'S RIGHT...I can't install those because I haven't hung the mantle shelving that those big frames rest on.  
*set the shelving aside for hanging*
Then I remembered that I can't decide which room to hang those shelves in...
Then I looked in the corner of the crap room and realized that I had two boxes that looked unfamiliar...BOOKS???
Kitchen stuff -- WEIRD STUFF, like not every day usage stuff.   Bundt cake pan (which truth be told I've never EVER even used) as well as Tupperware deviled egg holders.   Yes I'm serious.  It's a process, okay?
So then, ADHD directed me I decided to check my email, because with kids playing sports, I hadn't checked the email in like 2days and OMG you know I could have missed a whole elimination tournament schedule or something.  Checking email - for which I needed to go to the basement because my wireless stuff is still not fixed (NEXT weekend for the love of all things holy).

Here's where things go awry...(not that they weren't already, because clearly I have ADHD issues afoot)...
Elder boy chicken's teacher liason (aka the snitch, whom will be receiving a gift card to the liquor store from me at the end of the year) .   This unforeseen speed bump knocked all of the other things off course, as then I had to call theKeeper of the elder-boy chicken and discuss schedules/medications/blahblahblah....so an hour and 45minutes later....

I end up back at the computer again, reply back to the liason, wait for arrival of boy-chicken-in-hot-water-soon.   Forward my response to theKeeper of the boy-chicken...Walk back up the stairs and look at the fan-friggin-tastical mess that I've made with frames/photos/shelves all waiting for my attention....and I realize that ....


and this is why things don't get done, and also to answer to why we're eating toast for dinner.

You're welcome.  I think.

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  1. OMG> laughing hysterically here. When the chickens leave the roost it all settles. More or less. Too flippin' funny and typical.