Sunday, February 17, 2013

And when I was looking for a book...

So, I was looking for a book again last night this one time - and it was a DIFFERENT book than I was looking for last week (that I still haven't found).  
The long version of this escapade started at Target of all places.   I sent S-man a pic of a book that is by an author that I thought he liked - and it was new, so I figured it was a continuation of the series he had read last year.  It was, so I picked it up for him (YAY! Something book-related actually worked out!!).   

So then I'm perusing the other titles available, I realized - AHA!!  Book #4 of a 4 book series that i have, had finally come out in the paperback version.   I had to have paperback, because the other books are paperback as well and they needed to match.   Well, I guess to most people they don't HAVE TO match, but to me --- they had to match.   I've been waiting for this for a while.  SO, I got kind of excited, but then I thought to myself, "hey, I believe that I've READ book #3, but I don't remember seeing it with the other 2 on the shelf".    Now really, I should have a keeper for this kind of thing.  Because, if you'd recall last week with the ADHD/OCD fighting it out in the house and me NOT finding what I was looking'd get the feeling (as I believe I was twitching with) that this isn't going to end well.

I do NOT purchase book #4, because I now HAVE TO come home and see if #3 is here.  
*blank stare*  (it really is friggin ridiculous to be me sometimes, and it can be SO RIDICULOUS to live inside of my head). 

I get home and deliver S-man his book, which he is like BEYOND thrilled about. Seriously. It was like the best post-Christmas gift EVER.   That made me happy.  Delivering a book where I knew it would be read, enjoyed and appreciated.  Apparently this is one of "those things" that I do, so it makes me wonder if I should go to this used book store by my house and apply for a job, because this whole book-themed mini Psychosis I've got going on is really needing a better outlet. I digress. 

I look at the shelf...uh, no book #3.  *insert near-Zombie-Apocalyptic-proportioned SIGH* 
Because we ALL now know what I'm going to go and do now...I dug through the other book boxes, same as before, but with new intent.   Nope. Not in there (OMG SOMEONE QUE THE TWILIGHT ZONE MUSIC).  For the love of all things holy/unholy in the world...

Long (and repetitive in SO many ways to last week's) story cut down...I'm glad I saved money by NOT purchasing the #4 book, because apparently my freaking-out-OCD wouldn't have let me read the damned thing without knowing the location of #3.   WHERE IS IT??? I'm much too OCD with books to not know the whereabouts of a book in a series.  This is possibly going to push me over an edge - or something

...and I think I'm visiting the used book store on Tuesday.  If not for employment, maybe they'll have the #3 so I can then read #4?   

I need some things, not necessarily in this order -
to relax
to medicate myself
to drink a lot which would achieve the first two...

Uh...okay. Whatever.

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