Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Another week...some more projects...

Long project list here - I go through phases of being a "scrapping fool" or a "mojo-less lump".   Fool it was - in time for Manic Monday @SNC.    I used this time to jam in some challenges.  

My first to list - G4 - actually encompassed three total challenges.   The PatternPaper Crazy, Color and Sketch challenges for February.   I have always and forever been a fan of combining lots of challenges.   Trying to add as many together as I can.  
Another fun one - included the Ad/Art challenge combined with Lynn's challenge of using vellum in a LO.  For this - i used one of the most-awesome and inspiring PageMaps sketches (see???)
Which turned into this ...
I was loving the butterflies with twine - and the velum butterflies adding "shadows"...LOVE!!  and THAT GIRL WITH THOSE CHEEKS!!! one of my favorite photos. ever.

AND THEN --- Stamp challenge and Alpha challenge from Peggy and Janet respectively.   BUBBLE WRAP TO STAMP WITH - and a yummy mix of alphas (which, come to think of it, I do this a lot anyway, how interesting).

NOW THIS...not for a challenge, but done with another PageMap sketch because I LIKED IT and it looked so quick and easy!
and ... BAM

This was a BLAST this time around.  I like it when my mojo actually plays well with me instead of hiding. Hopeful for next week *fingers crossed*

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  1. LOL!! Glad your mojo came out to play - always inspiring. I wanna smoosh both their cheeks. Way to rock all the challenges. Love them all.