Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mania on a Monday? NO. Really?

Lynn and April @SNC again...yep.

Here are a couple of my latest layout creations....I've been on a kick with the kid that I miss, so .... we see his face around a lot ;)

MISCHIEVOUS @3.   No, ya think he was??  I'm surprised he's standing still for the picture, really. (and he's now 15- so this feels like FOREVER AGO).

Yep. getting sprinkled bren style.   The boy is standing over a sprinkler. Now that I think of it, I have a pic of him at like 8 years old doing this at the "splash fountain" at the zoo.  seriously....wow. 

and these --- I uh, forgot to post because that's just the way I am *sigh*...

I like the random dates - random pics - from any given time frame.   Especially when I'm missing people for whatever reason.   Or maybe when I'm irritated at them and I can look back on a time that makes me like them more?   HAHAHA I crack me up.

I shall leave you with this PageMaps sketch -- the inspiration for something I've got cooking ;)

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  1. love love love them and being manic. and that boy. sheesh. the things he does in public. lmao....