Monday, December 3, 2012

December ATC and Journaling Challenges you say?

Don't mind if I do...late...but here they be nonetheless...

ATC Challenge:   Christmas "tag".
I think that the mail theme behind this month's ATC is to make something (Christmas/Holiday) related that you won't be keeping... Logan's tag for his gift bag. I figure I can use this for his Bday gift as well, if I don't make another set for the other kids (gotta be fair you know).

JOURNALING Challenge:   Random Christmas Tradition
I do at least one of these pages every year.  Last year I already scrapped the PJs -- because my kids and my sister's kids got to be matching and it was a cute pic set so I HAD TO scrap it right then instead of letting it wait (seriously).   Anyway -- this was a trip down a tortured bit of memory lane for me, December 2007.  I had two jobs with the second being at a photography studio.   Literally thousands of pics were taken by me that whole year.  And ... I got my own kids pics taken by me AT HOME on December 24th!!!  Seriously???  Though I have to admit, the 2008 year was a ton busier (and I'm done thinking about  LOL)

and what does this year have in store for me I wonder?  Never can tell ;)

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Finally. WHEW!!! LOL! Love the atc - finally a reason to make the stupid things. AND that page. what a hoot and don't they look young:|