Monday, December 10, 2012

A Monday of Manic Proportions?

:)    Sketch challenge from Diana over @SNC --- I of course had to change it to something other than what it was posted.  (12x12 turned into 6x12).  A photo that was originally printed as 5x7 by someone other than myself.  There was so much "extra" in the photo...basically I just wanted to capture us being "us".  Not glamorous or anything, just a down-time kind of regular-ish day.  

And Manic?? not really that much mania going on, as far as scrapping.  Lots of mania as far as OMG kid homework, projects, extra credit issues, and the girl who put a pencil in her ear  LOL


  1. Oooooooo rocked it as always. Way to rock the homework! And the pencil in the ear- SHane put a peanut up his nose.

    1. Perfect. I tried to find a nice way to say "I'm not taking you to the doctor so he can get your head out of your hiney"...ugh.