Sunday, November 18, 2012

Quick post before a long-ish break?

or maybe me being out of my house and visiting for like six days, I'll find a need to blog MORE? *shrug*   it's a coin toss, never can tell.

OKAY. SO I did some scrappy stuff that I'll share.  Who knows if anything profound will come from this post.  It may just be something to look at - and that'll be it.  Never can tell from start to finish of a post.  Oh, and yes, I am aware that I can edit the post blahblahblah.  I'm not feeling it, so I'm just going on the fly.  It can be cohesive if I so choose, but chances are, it's going to look like a whole bunch of ADD on a blog post.  Why? because that's pretty much the way I roll.  No apologies for being me...nope. Not today.

FIRST UP:     "Thankful" which is for TWO challenges @SNC   One being for Sherrie's Potpourri challenge for "thankful"...and the second being for Diana's color challenge with an awesome array of (what I'll describe as) cranberry/orange/sage.   so it all worked out well I think - and HOLY WOW DOES TIME FLY!!! These kids are not this small, nor this compliant near each other anymore(and the baby is in kindergarten, so bah).

NEXT UP:   Another challenge for Resa's Ad Challenge @SNC which had two different vintage advertisements circa 1952-ish.   (hence my tag!)    ANd thanks to Lynn and her obsession with sending me blogs to follow - I have now become hooked on THIS BRILLIANT ART SPOT for a LOT of inspiration -- I have had SO MANY "AHA" moments when perusing her blog...I have so many supplies on-hand that I have had forever and she has actually encouraged me (and she doesn't know it yet) to USE THIS STUFF FOR PITY'S SAKE. is my Girlz night-in

This is the stuff I've got -- actually I have two more pending photos...I'll get around to it eventually.
and there we have it, nothing profound here *snort*


  1. I have many more blogs to share. And you could use a follow up post on your blog every now and then. LOVE LOVE LOVE your pages as always. Muah!

    1. Follow up? seriously? like THIS? Is THIS the following up that you wish for ;)