Friday, April 5, 2013

A3C Introduction and onward #1-4

I'm a bit late to my own party - which is OKAY, because it's MY party ;)

Welcome to the A3C 2013, aka April's April Artistic Challenge 2013!!!

This is the third year for the A3C, thus far, 2011 was the most awesome.  I'm hoping for just as awesome this year - come and play along! Or just come and look and see what I've destroyed each day ;)

This year, I received a 55% off coupon from ACMoore.   What to do, what to do.  I decided to jump on over to the SMASH book (by K&Co.) isle to see what I could damage.   Well, I decided on the mini-SMASH book.  Purse sized, convenient to carry, awesome that it has a pen/glue stick combo, very willing to accept my Washi tape addiction (seriously, I think I've developed an issue).   SO - $8.99 original price - and hit with my 55% off coupon -- I feel that even if this turns out sucky, it won't be that big of a loss.  However, I do have higher hopes for this!

 why is this sideways ... ugh.  ANYWAY, I used a scrap from a transparency and made a pocket to go on the inside cover.   This is to hold any "little extras" that I will be putting in the book.   Funny thing is, this picture shows should see the pocket now ;)
 For the "intro" page, I used the vellum partial page that comes with the SMASH journal, basically kind of like an instruction sheet on "how to use" -- I did a turquoise acrylic paint brush-over, and then watered it down and wiped with a papertowel after.  The grungier the better  ;)

A3C #1:
I had gotten a 12x12 sheet of artistic quotes -- SO MANY MANY years ago that I don't remember where it came from.  I have an idea that it was an "extra" with a kit I'd ordered, or maybe a remnant of a DT thing of the past?   I don't know, but I have a lot of these things, already cut and prepared for use.  
 A3C #2:
Start with the emotional page - right off the starting line... sheesh.
 A3C #3:
I changed directions three times for this, and finally decided to just add in photos.  Really, too much thought just jacks stuff all up.   

 A3C #3.5 (Pocket/Tag page for extra pics):
Yoda, found in the garage during the cleaning session...filling you in on the content of the pocket.   Little helper pants is he.

 A3C #4:
 Receipts - many many little stuffs to do.  UGH.
Not much was said on #4, because paint circles and flowers were more interesting after running errands all day.   Play with's good for the soul.   Just don't wear a shirt belonging to someone else when you do this, it could end badly.   Saved you - you're welcome.  

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