Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Side by Side - circa 1977

As this story will go - I had this photo on my desk for over a week.   My cousin Heather and I from around 1977 (could be 1978, but I had to stick with one of them there dates, so I picked).   I had decided last week or whenever it was, that the next thing I scrapped would be this photo. 


I should know better by now, to put that kind of limitation on myself.

I was unable to jump past it to something else.   I kept staring at the photo - for over a week - and nada.   I sat at the desk for .... three hours off and on. Hemming and hawing...eh...meh....uh....grrrrr.    A bunch of ridiculous noise.   And .... all I had done at that point was to stamp on some cardstock.  THEN on to hour FOUR of sitting there, things started flying together.    Looks a big hot mess of layers, but you know what?? I like it.   AND it's complete - so I can now move on to other items on the scrappy agenda, with the note-to-self of "OMG NEVER SAY THAT AGAIN".      But of course, we all know I will.  I think it's a safe bet that we know each other that well....I'll do it again.


ENOUGH ABOUT ME...now on to mini-me ;)

EDITED TO ADD:  (I have no idea where the paragraph went that was after the photos, so I could give credit where inspiration was found --- so I'm making up for it and adding it in now - apologies for my oversight).  In my defense, it was there, I typed it, I posted and it's not there.  As if that's never happened to me before. *ahem*

Inspiration can be found at Ashli's Place ... thanks for the swirly ideas with the twine, as well as the reminder for my love of confetti.   WHY did I ever stop gluing that stuff on at random??  ;)


  1. oooo i love love love it. its one of my new favs! i didn't see all that goodness at the bottom till now. wowzers.

  2. There's about 4pounds (may be a slight exaggeration) of "stuff" down there in comparison to what I normally would do...I like it. Very Ashli-esque www.purplemailbox.com