Monday, January 7, 2013

January Challenge 2013 - BOOM

CHALLENGE TIME!!!    Two choices were given for the Journaling challenge this month:

1.  Scrap your cards.   This is from the Ali Edwards project of years gone by -- using a square punch and making art from your cards (grid style for me is always fun fun fun).   Front decor from the cards as well as the SIGNATURES.   When the people are no longer with us, the handwriting brings forth the feelings *insert contented sigh*.   HOWEVER, April didn't get many cards because she didn't send out her new address to family  for whatever reason. I've got ideas for the ones I did get, BUT -

I did scrap the Thank You card that I made and had the kids sign and write a note on the back to all of the relatives that remembered all four of them this year.   (and the journaling is a bit more on the touchy-feely side for me and I totally made myself okay with that because, well, I was feeling it afterall and isnt that what the scrapping thing captures??)

2.   Last year I did a listing of "12" for 2012.    This year, the challenge would be 13INTENTIONS for 2013 (I have always liked the thought of intentions rather than resolutions).  and I actually may write my 13 Intentions on my ATC for the ATC card challenge (BECAUSE I HAVENT DONE IT YET).

HERE is the Thank You card LO for "&God bless us every one"


  1. LOL! That is on my list to do... always do the Ali E card thing. I sort of had the right address lol!