Monday, October 1, 2012

SNC October 2012 CHALLENGE DAY!!

HELLO MINIONS!   or Scrappy Minions as the case may be!
October=one of my fave months.  LOVE the crispness of Fall, particularly in central PA, because it's not almost 90degrees like VA Beach ;)    Here's the usual drill, two challenges posted by me @ScrapNChat  for the first of the month.   JOURNALING & ATC...let's move along...
 2005:  Journaling ...
    I will admit, that sometimes I am simply shocked by the photos that I find "tucked away" for safekeeping in my stash of things to scrapbook/keep.  These were in my last goldmine find.  A week has passed at this point, since his 15th birthday.  To find an envelope full of his little league photos (which apparently didn't get passed out to family either) at the ripe old age of seven (photo was Spring 2005).  I felt like I was in a time machine. I can absolutely remember his face just like this - seven years ago can feel like "a lot" or "a little" depending on perspective.
Dealing with separation as we are at this point - I relaly need to hold on to little moments like this that hug my heart strings, and appreciate the good feelings.  I an celebrate my little man becoming such a young man (soooo close to being 'old', he says).
I'm glad that my organizational skills with my photos allows for me to have moements like this --I can go on a mental vacation and hang out with my seven year old little legaue dude for a while.  And I'm also glad for Facebook, where a mom can post pictures of her PreciousBabyBoy and everyone can share the "aww" moment with me ;)
(photos circa 2005/journaling 2012)
((((OKAY I'll admit, I made myself cry with this one too. Get off my back already))))
Your challenge this month, should you choose to accept it - is to break out the spooky for your ATC.  Hopefully in layers, because layers of spooky is much better than straight out scared ;)
 With my sample, I started with a tan CS card (2.5 x 3.5 is standard ArtistTradingCard size). I then used gel medium (though thin ModPodge would have done the same, but I found my gel medium and was in love all over again LOL)...and started layering bits and pieces of newsprint all willy-nilly, no rhyme/reason other than BECAUSE I WANTED TO. I used a layer of medium over top, then watered down some acrylic paint for a wash over top...darker in some spots than others. I had found this awesome owl and tree picture (in the paper!) as an ad, and decided to do 1/2 fussy cutting and lahyer it over top. Not enough layers? nah - looked too "clean" to me so I tossed some faint stamps over top of that, layered with the gel medium over top again, and BAM.  

My inner make-a-mess-goddess was happy and gel medium/paint covered.
OH, and as a bonus...
the long-legged freak show that was
you ca see him in the 1st pic, but I wanted to END the post with him, not start. 
That's another can of, spiders. eww. ugh. nature.
Thanks in advance for playing along (lynn *snort*)


  1. Bwahahaha sneaky shits aren't they. Love how you showcased the ATC card it alllmost makes me wanna do one. ALMOST.