Thursday, October 25, 2012

Time to celebrate the falllllllling of Fall...

with yummy leafy goodness!! 

I have spritzed mist over top of ferns, maple leaves, pine needle spray...I HAMMERED LEAVES on paper (leaving a YUMMY purple stain on the paper)...have I lost it completely at this point??
No, silly.    SNC, the scraptastic minions, have some challenges tossed out there.  

This is my layout that actually hit three of them --- Janelle's scrap-your-stash (to use white scraps) which is what all of my papers (kraft not included in "all") began as.    Also, Sharon's book-of-me (fave season).  AND last, but certainly not least since she is the only one that reads this drivel that I post :D  Lynn's Harvest theme.  Without further blahblahblah...

Fall details @random

until next time ;)

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  1. ooooooo I totally love it. Way to rock all the challenges - especially mine. bwahahahaha!