Saturday, January 14, 2012

At least my last post wasn't a lie...

I DID say it was the neglectful season...I just had no idea that it was going to be 30 minutes shy of THREE MONTHS of neglect. I know how to call them though...sheesh.

Anyway, not much scrapbooking in the month of November -- why? because I was on a DiSneY CRUISE and it took me until nearly December to get myself together LOL

This is my good best buddy Lynn - who I FINALLY got to meet in-real-life - she and the chickens got a kick outta each other ;)
GRACIE the friggin cruise ship ROCKSTAR on the way to the Pirate Party @the kids' place...she had a BLAST...and outlasted her brother by many hours overall (funniest.thing.ever).

A two pager (I KNOW RIGHT???) for a challenge @TheMoments which is always a blast and PACKED full of challenges twice a month (CHECK.IT.OUT).

My two on the cruise --- got them to sit still WITH each other for a photo. of course, then they started poking and kicking each other, but it was a good 30 seconds while it lasted.

My first official ATC :) I made this for the Moments newest challenge --- and it was inspired by the Pigeon (of Mo Willems famous Pigeon books) -- and I did this for Gracie because I knew she'd get a kick out of it (and of COURSE she did, the sense of humor she posesses is amazing, and so familiar HAHA).

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  1. about friggin time on the meet and update. your mojo is alive and well!!! love love love the pages.