Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How About A Challenge...or TWO?

I have the honor of hosting the Journaling challenge on the 1st of every month @TheMoments. Very cool Design Team and fabulous members --- and new challenge days are the BEST! :)

The theme for February --- "10 Things I Love About ______" (fill in your own blank).
Mine was ms. Gracie (HAHA - thought i'd obviously HAVE to do one with Stevie again, right?)

I have a BRAND NEW CHALLENGE for the 1st as well --- ATC Challenge!! WooHoo! I am new at the making of these, but have kind of stalked/been enthralled with them for a long while. There are some AMAZING examples out there. They measure 2.5 x 3.5, have the title, date and your name on the back. They are always traded -never to be sold.

So the ATC theme for February (I almost sighed, but hear me out) --make a Valentine-- now, the twist was, try a technique that you don't usually do, or that you want to try out to make it work for you.

This example used a massive collage-y feel with some acrylic paint wash, mist, ripping, tearing, vintage photo with sanded edges, lace, stamping, paints, ink *sigh*

Come join us for some challenges and a great time !


  1. Your challenges are awesome and thought provoking as usual. On my list of things to do....

  2. Gorgeous work on your challenge pages, love them all, can't wait to get playing.