Monday, July 22, 2013

Three things done in one week???

Say it isn't so. 

Three layouts done in a week. One for my own Journaling challenge - and one for a scraplift challenge - and one for a sketch challenge.  WOOO!!!

Now, onward to my hideous pictures of my wonderful layouts ;)

 The Lovely Diana added this lovely Sketchabilities (by Karan Gerber) sketch for her July challenge at ScrapNChat
Which I made into this...
...and Barb found THIS awesome layout by Laura Whitaker from the Fancy Pants Design Facebook page for our July scraplift.    I LOVE the colors all in there together, so ....

Mine became "just call me CRASH"...making light of the Rav4 crunching accident that the kids got to experience on day #2 of their 3 week visit with their dad/grandma.  Everyone walked away from the hospital that day - which is a miracle after being hit in the back by a truck going 50 when their vehicle was stopped.   I have a longer more detailed version of things on the back, but it didn't need to be on the front.  Yes, I'm thankful to have been so blessed for all to have been okay, so don't get on my case about "poking fun at a sensitive subject".   Arent the bandaids cool though???? a canvas-like paper and CS created those ;)


  1. oooooo I was gonna say lets do this but tis already done. Now I have to play catch up.