Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Water, anyone?

Chicken Little and I are in our new home. BoyChicken (mini-Rooster/RoosterBoy?) is with his grandparents where he desired to be (school=he liked it there, didn't want to change and who am I to argue with A/B average RoosterBoy?).   I would love to say that I have felt all of the sunshine and rainbows swirling all around me since Saturday.  But if I did say that, I would be a liar-liar and my pants would be aflame.

There are good things, YES!  absolutely! I am not discounting my "good" things by this post.  Having never left my eldest chicken with anyone over 4days at a time, I will admit that I am having a rough time with it.  Rough?  Oh, alright, to be perfectly honest, I hold myself together and then at a random point of the day, tears burst forth like a sprinkler set on high.  I'll be alright - we'll ALL be alright.  The part of being a mother that keeps you in tune with your spawn, is also the same that can drown you in your own saltwater.

I am busying myself with the fusion of two complete households worth of stuff...shoved and crammed into one.  This is gonna get interesting as I theoretically "pee in my spots" - which is to say, spread our junk out in a hopefully visually pleasing manner (and not have a total breakdown in the process). 

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  1. Ah this too shall pass and all will be right in your world. Even with roosterboy.