Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Oh because I CAN do these things...

I will!! :)

I have recently been re-introduced to scrapbooking, which I do love, honestly.

However, to amuse myself in the way that only I can do for myself, I have been dabbling in MS Paint. Archaic you say? NO F*N' WAY! I say!

I have been reading http://www.hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com/ . It is friggin HILARIOUS. I am trying to make it to the "end", which I guess is actually the beginning...but I will try hard not to think of that right now or I'll be up for another friggin hour. Allie B -- she rocks. Her drawings have caused my "AHA!" moment with MS Paint and thusly, I have been making ridiculously crudely drawn scribbly-like drawings.


  1. Because they make me laugh.

  2. Because they waste time in a totally awesomely entertaining way.

  3. Because a lot of the time, they could probably be saving a life. Writing about stupid crap that takes up a great portion of some of my days, or drawing ugly drawn pictures?? it's a bonus. Not only do I get to purge myself of the stupid irritating nature of most of my days (dealing with idiots, it is not for the weak), but I also get to AMUSE myself (and others? maybe, but that doesn't even seem as important as ME laughing)

  4. Cause April Said So... (it's the friggin title afterall, I really don't need to add anything else)

This post? I made a blue dragon. THe ugliest drawing of a dragon, blue or otherwise, that I have ever seen. I call it "Dragon1" .. why?? Because I like dragons. I want to have one. I think flying on a dragon would get me to work SOO much quicker!! Not to mention, if anyone did get in my way, my dragon could either eat them, or set them ablaze. I want a dragon. I sometimes FEEL like a dragon. I am still very jealous of the fact that they can shoot fire .... I wanna do that when I grow up!

Celebrate DRAGON DAY - with *Dragon1*

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  1. woo hoo!!! the blue dragon. gotta do a red one NOW. bwahaha. love your drawings crude or otherwise and i'm jealous. i've always wanted to draw, paint ugly or not. however, stick peeps just don't cut the mustard. bwahahah!!! love your random or otherwise drawings keep'm coming!!