Wednesday, March 10, 2010

THIS my dear friend Lynn, is for you. You wanted a blog from me, well here it is. It has been sooooo entirely toooooo long since I've done anything of this nature, I almost had a tremendous panic attack before beginning, but managed to pull it together for a short time and struggle through.

No scrapping for a roughly estimated time block of ... 2 years. WOW. The "much anticipated" creation of - well ANYTHING from me - is now viewable. Two things which I am calling LAYOUTS because, well, they are to me! #1 If wishes were fishes is from Monday and #2 Just something from Tuesday. And WOW - #1 actually included a photo (say it isnt so!).

Enjoy -I had fun- will continue with that feeling! ;)


  1. OMG! you did it! i can't tell you how much i so missed you and your s/b'g. yeah we chatted but the heights we reached in the late nights pushing the limits of our creativity. well. just can't say how much i miss that. and YEAH i inherited your mojo. i don't believe i did it justice b/c well. i wanna have your penmanship b/c it so rocks. so you better do this on a semi irregular basis. don't make me come there and kick your butt. it won't be pretty. lmaooo....smoochies my friend.

  2. Oh April ... I'm so happy to see you back in a creative way, because girl you are one of the most creative spirits I know. I love what you've done with your scrappy journal pages, very cool stuff. Love you... love your work ... can't wait to see more.

  3. Thank you Tania and Lynnnn (thought physical violence threats would scare me *snort*). scrappy journal pages they are...I had a whole scrap studio at one point - the sheer magnitude of STUFF that came from there has followed me to two different houses now - it has dwindled a bit - but is still SO overwhelming to look at. That is why the journal/scrap idea took place...low-key, don't blow the mind completely with the paralyzing S.T.U.F.F. overload...yikes!