Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Sooooooooooooooooooooooo...the first of the month again. I've neglected the blog...again. You know it's an endless cycle of neglect, really it is.  So, I think I've just decided to stop apologizing for it, because we ALL know it'll just happen again (and again and again). 

The scrappy place where scrap-minions go to chat and share...challenge day!!

Journaling challenge::  Journal something "dirty".  Did your mind just go to a mud puddle, or did it go "there"?? I can't comment on whether there is anything wrong with you either way.  
So, meet  
"my STUD MAN" 
 And the second challenge::  The ATC for the month has the theme "RENEW"...
when I had originally picked this theme (and I picked them way in advance) I thought that "renew" would be something more ... delicate, spiritual...something else.   However, I went with 
"To Do 
Because sometimes we have to renew from a standpoint that may not be pretty, shiny and "new", it may be finding new uses for things...trash-to-treasure?  or finding a new use for something in a way not originally intended.  (I'm sticking with the last one because it almost sounds like I know what I'm talking about HA).


  1. oooooo Dirty and Renew. Only you can put the 2 together. Love it!

  2. April...I LOVE these! Thanks for the inspiration and finding the time in your currently crazy life to come up with them. You are greatly appreciated by me! Thanks!